Chairman's Message - G.K. GURUKUL

Shree Vinod Chandwani is a visionary and a top ranker Civil Engineer by profession who believes that Education is the Backbone of a Nation. It is the citizens who create societies and civilizations. He says, natural resources are just peripheral factors which contribute to prosperity of a society. However education is the key instrument to national human resource development.

With a vision of providing quality education in places where it’s not available he established the GK-Research Foundation in 2014 and GK-Gurukul school is its first creation.

The GK promoters and builders brand is already an established name in PCMC belt for quality, speed and trust. His dream is to spread the same to the education world. His thought is India has been among the fastest-growing economies in the world in the last decade. However, low-quality education is crippling Indias growth as it’s emerging workforce is unable to cope with the demands of a 21st-century economy. He wants to support the 'Skill India' scheme and unlock the true potential of our human capital, he says we must transform our school and higher education system to prepare our students for life and the workplace. His vision of GK Gurukul is one such effort in the direction of skilling by providing, a great infrastructure with ample space for playing and learning enhanced by a great location.