Story Telling

“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” – David Kolb. (Experiential Learning Theory) I wore different shoes, I Played different roles. I was a cat, then a dog and then I was a giraffe who stood so tall. Believing in Realistic Applications of Learning, we at GK Gurukul Conducted these experience-based storytelling sessions for our Preschoolers. Looking at the expressions, we’re sure our kids had a gala time, even in SCHOOL!

Mime To Music

Mime to music - where actions speak louder than words. Did you know? 80% of the time, your body speaks and the mouth is shut. Mime makes you aware of this non-verbal communication. Making our students effective communicators, here is a glimpse of the mime activity conducted at GK Gurukul under the partnered curriculum of Helen O’ Grady- The Edudrama Academy.


Freeze frame in live stage performance is a technique in which actors freeze at a particular point to enhance a scene or show an important moment in the production. "Freeze frame" is one of the activities of our drama sessions. Here is a video of the boys of Gk Gurukul captured in a cricket freeze frame.