Infrastructure Detail

NameGK Gurukul
Total number of Classrooms 99
Digital Classrooms 34
Open Playground Area 20000 Sq ft
Covered Play Area10000 Sq ft
Total number of Books in library2500
Total number of Laboratories4
Multipurpose Hall 1000 (Sitting Capacity)
Medical Room1
Trained Nurse1
No. of Beds2
Tie up with ONP Hospital, distance from our school350 Mtrs
Speech & Drama Room1
Dance Room1
Music Room (Vocal)1
Musical Instruments Rooms3
Number of CCTV cameras252
CCTV Surveillance room1
Number of Sprinklers257
Fire Alarms16
Transport FacilityEach and every bus is installed with CCTV cameras and GPS enabled.

Spacious Classroom

Space is required for all things we do in life related to learning and training. At GK Gurukul we have taken this very seriously, our class room sizes are one of the biggest in the PCMC area. The classrooms are well lit, with digital boards CCTV surveillance systems, places for keeping the bags and more open space for movement. Well all said and done, you got to visit to validate and see it first hand .

Multipurpose Hall

A magnificent auditorium with 1000 seats capacity shall serve for various school functions & gathering.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security are of utmost importance in our list of priorities and we have adopted several measures to ensure the same. Our entire campus is under CCTV surveillance. We have all mandatory committees to ensure safety and security for all our children and they are closely monitored. Buses are equipped with speed governors, GPS, CCTV cameras and trained lady attendant. 24×7, we have well trained security guards.


We at GK Gurukul are not only focused on quality education but focus on providing a healthy and safe learning environment to the children within the school premises. We are in collaboration with a health care providers who are leaders in giving quality medical services in schools.

Their salient features are:

1. ISO Certified Medical Equipment’s.

2. Highly qualified and experienced nurses.

3. Panel of expert doctors in their respective fields like ENT, dentist, ophthalmology, general physician.

4. Advanced technology used for medical record updation of each and every student.

Services offered to the school students:

1. Well-equipped Infirmary, which caters to any medical help required for the students.

2. Yearly medical check-up of students.

3. Electronic medical record.

4. Training session for teaching and non-teaching staff &educational seminars for children and parents.




State of art computer lab equipped with computers of the latest configuration having high speed internet facility for browsing or data downloading.


The school is equipped with a colourful composite laboratory to facilitate learning of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Studies. Students shall be encouraged to use the laboratory to learn, explore, experiment and invent through hands on experience.


To enhance mathematical skills in students, the school has an excellent Maths Laboratory which is well equipped with tools to facilitate learning and internalization of abstract concepts of Maths. This concept helps all levels of learners and also provides students the opportunity to work on assignments and solve puzzles even at home.


At GKG we are pioneers for creating a Robotics lab. Here students assemble small robots, play with them and learn about robotics, engineering and learn the fundamentals of Physics and Mechanics which opens their minds and makes them ‘future ready’


Student life is the time of learning. They need to learn different subjects and at such times a library is always a great support. Libraries are the store-houses and a treasure trove of knowledge. At GK Gurukul we have a well equipped and updated library which has currently a holding capacity of 16000 books. We have a good stock of a wide variety of books on different genres available for the students, like academics books, Biographies, mythological, fiction, non-fiction, novels, short stories, rhymes books, encyclopedia just to mention a few. We have total 4036 books in our library.

Each class has one period devoted for library every week. To generate love for reading we have the facility of issuing the books Std II on wards. Apart from reading we have several engaging programs for children as well, to develop the readers in them. There are different monthly activities for students according to their age group, various activities like book-mark making, vocabulary, pocket book making, grammar, picture talk, read-aloud stories, news paper reading, library quiz, fact finder, on the basis of which reader of the month are selected.


STEAM Learning and Robotics Training Programs:
At GK Gurukul, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) and Robotics training programs are carefully and scientifically designed to bring out the innovation and creativity of the students.The out-of-the-box approach gives the child an opportunity to explore Science and Technology hands on. These programs help students to understand science and mathematics concepts in an enjoyable manner. Once the student understands the applications of the academic concepts, learning interest increases which further results in accelerating a student’s academic performance.

How does a GK Gurukulite enjoy and learn in a Robotics Session:

1. Learns assembly of mechanical parts through engineering process.
2. Learns to make assembly work through various means.
3. Learns basic fundamentals of physics and mechanics.
4. Builds own logic and thinking pattern to get the robot perform various tasks.
5. Builds the student’s confidence level and sense of creation.
6. Satisfaction, confidence and achievement gives boost to value knowledge.