Summer Camps in Pune

"Future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Every child dreams to be a chef, actor, police, doctor and every profession they have ever heard of but not many get to experience these before they choose their careers for life..

Gift your child the opportunity to experience these careers through hands-on activities and real-life case studies through our dare to dream workshop series..

2 days of Workshop

Looking at the various career opportunities, GK Gurukul has come up with different types of workshops with hands-on experience and certification.

1.Graphic Genius Workshop using Canva

What will you learn from this workshop?

1.Learn how to instantly design beautiful graphics

2.Learn the basic principles of design

3.Learn how to design presentation slides

4.Learn how to use the Canva interface

5.Learn how to design eBooks

6.Learn how to design using templates

7.Learn how to design from scratch

Now Anyone can design!
17th May, Monday. 2pm to 5pm
Course fee – Rs. 300/-

2. Journalism & Creative writing Workshop

What will you learn from this workshop?

How to  tell a story

Basics of Storytelling

How to build characters in your story

How to decide a plot

How to write a script

How to make a storyboard 

Writing your pitch or a script for the story

How to start and end a story

Writing Creatively

Creative writing techniques

How to add a surprise element in a story

What kind of story connects with people

How to form a story and practically crafting a story

Different ways of narrating a story

How to make a powerful start

How to connect with your audience emotionally

How to add a twist in the story

How to end a story 

Be a great storyteller and improve your orator skills

18th May, Tuesday. 2pm to 5pm

Course fee – Rs. 300/-

Bonus Deal!

enroll for both workshops at Rs. 500

5 days of Workshop

"Dare to Dream"

Ever wished you could be a chef, journalist, designer and entrepreneur at the same time??

Let your child live his dream with Champstation through the “Dare to Dream” workshop series wherein he can get the taste of every profession and learn some important tips for 1 week

This will help them choose the right career path in future.

1. Little Chef Workshop

May 17th – 21st
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
1 hour each day
Enjoy different pallets and cuisine

Investment – Rs. 1499

2. Website building workshop

May 24 – 28th
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
1 hour each day
Learn Futuristic skills
Web Designer in Making

Investment – Rs. 1499

3. Junior Fashion Designing workshop

May 30 – 4th June
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
1 hour each day
Design New Dresses for yourself
Become a Fashion Designer

Investment – Rs. 1499

4. Junior Environmentalist

May 7- 11th June
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
1 hour each day
Care about the environment
Become mindful with nature and appreciate nature

Investment – Rs. 1499

5. KidPrenuer Workshop

June 14 – 18th
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
1 hour each day
Learn essential business skills
Become an Entrepreneur

Investment – Rs. 1499

Bonus Deal!

Choose any 1 workshop at Rs. 1499

Choose any 3 workshops at Rs. 2999

All 5 workshops at Rs. 3999

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