Classroom rewards

Motivating children to learn and participate in the classroom activities can be hard. In order to stimulate learning and to motivate good behaviour, lots of teachers use rewards for children.

Children conform to appropriate behaviors when rewarded by teacher. Children develop interest and raise their participation in everyday classroom tasks, responsibilities and learning. Incentives makes them productive and create a feeling of pride and achievement.

Every success story helps to gain self-confidence. They are proud and also encouraged to achieve another successful result. The reward systems even help motivate children to complete their homework. 

Rewards can be simple, yet they are able to bring a spark in them. Teacher can announce and surprise them that today they can sit with their friend in class, be my helper for the day, or give some extra time for tiffin and talk to friends.

Getting praised for your work creates a feeling that what you did was liked and well excepted by the teacher and peers. Everyone wants to feel good about their work and what they are doing, and a well-designed rewards program helps to accomplish that.

Classroom incentives are powerful tools teachers use to maintain high expectations and reward expected behavior.

While rewards may be a quick way to motivate children, it is even important to think that what children are learning when they receive rewards. So the teacher has to use the rewards system carefully and make it effective to develop internal motivation and responsibility.

Every teacher needs a solid class management plan in order to keep children on the path to learning and making positive choices. The reward system helps the teacher to achieve these goals. Teacher can use the rewards to fascinate children, make them feel special and comfortable.

Giving high fives, smiley stickers, sticker stars, giving job titles of teacher’s assistant for a day, announcing the child as a monitor for a month, and many more rewards can develop interest and participation of children in class activities, duties and responsibilities.

More to add to the best reward is that never to stop smiling. The simplest and easiest way to make a positive connection with the child is by smiling.

Classroom rewards will help promote further positive choices, hard work and confidence.

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Tina Talreja

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